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Reel Mowers vs. Rotary Mowers

Reel Mowers vs. Rotary Mowers

Be the envy of your neighbors with the Reel Cut!

We deliver a superior cut at a cost anyone can afford. The scissor (reel) cut seals the tip of the grass as it cuts, reducing moisture loss. You will find that your turf will stay greener than the turf cut with a rotary type mower. The rotary cut is a whipping type cut that can leave a jagged tip, which will allow for excessive dry out of the blade of grass. This can be the cause of the yellow or brown color in the grass. A good example of this would be a comparison to a tree that has a limb broken off from a storm. It leaves a jagged stump that will dry out. To minimize dry out, the stump is cut off straight with a saw. Much the same with grass blades.

You will also find, with the reel cut, there will be no wind rowing or bunching of cut grass as it all goes directly behind the reel. If there is cut grass on the surface it can be disposed of by making another pass with your mower at a different angle re-cutting the clippings to where they will virtually disappear. There is no need to bag or rake the clippings. Clippings are good for the grass as they contain many nutrients that grass can use. The reel is the choice of the Pro’s, the results are the key, greener and healthier turf.


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