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My name is Alan Shaw and I live in the Pinehurst Area of North Carolina.  I purchased my pro-mow flex 58 4 years ago to maintain my yard as close to golf course conditions as possible.  Attached are two pictures that will show why I am a very satisfied customer of your company.

I am far from mechanically inclined, yet I am able to do all of the maintenance that is required including the backlapping to keep the cutting edge in top form.  I cut at 1/2 inch and have 419 Bermuda Grass.

The guys in the parts department are top-notch.  I have purchased a few parts but most importantly, they have provided technical assistance in a most pleasant manner when I need to ask a question.

I mow about 2 acres and in the growing season, I am mowing every other day.  Color me a very satisfied customer and thanks for your support.

Alan Shaw
West End, N.C.

October 24, 2007

ProMow Inc.
8318 Clinton Park Drive
Fort Wayne, IN  46825
Attn:  Brad Bauman

Dear Mr. Bauman,

As owner of a small budget driving range, it is extremely important to me to be able to mow in a timely and efficient manner.  With fourteen acres that needs mowed twice a week it is a major time commitment, especially with a full time job.
Fortunately, I already owned an older turf series 9’ 8” model.  In 2002 I purchased a Gold series 11’ 4” model.  With the gold series I can mow the entire range in three hours.  My ProMow mower is not only fast, but the cut and appearance is exceptional.  This unit gives the country club look at a tremendous value.
Currently, I am building a hitch to connect two of the 11’ 4” mowers together to make an even larger chunk of time from the mowing schedule.  This will enable me to do what the range was started for, to play more golf.


Jeff Bovee
Birdie Hill Driving Range
5300 S. 1100 E.
Wolcottville, IN  46795

Approximately a month ago, I purchased the ProMow push reel mower. My grass has never been healthier or looked better. My neighbor will probably be contacting you, as he was amazed when I showed him the even cut and “green” tip on my clippings, as opposed to his frayed cut and “brown” ends.

Your mower has made me feel good about my yard, and myself. Since I am not using a gas-powered engine, I am environment friendly, not to mention the savings based on the price of gas these days. Also, although the mower is lightweight and easy to push, I am getting exercise when I cut my grass as opposed to standing behind a self-propelled polluting machine. ProMow has positively impacted my bottom line and my waistline. Thank you.

The ProMow mower is silent and allows me to cut my grass when it is still wet, so I can cut on my schedule. I control my mowing, my mowing does not control me. If you ever need a reference for your product, please feel free to use me anytime. Thank you for your excellent product.

Linda Barron
Fort Wayne, IN

Before I purchased the mower I used to dread mowing my property because it would take the better part of a day. Now I can mow the entire lawn in about an hour or less! The performance of the mower has exceeded my expectations.

Dr.Stanley W. Bohnstedt,
Portland, OR

“This device has allowed me to cut mowing time in one third. It leaves your turf professional looking and healthy.”

Andrew P. Owen, Head Baseball Coach
Snider High School, Fort Wayne, IN

“Because of the rain we have had this year, I have been mowing at least two times every week. What normally took me over 7 hours with my 20 horse power deck mower now takes me about 1 hour. Thanks to ProMow, I have one of the best looking lawns in Noble County.”

Joe Saggars, President of
Communications Wiring Specialists
Ligonier, IN

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