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Why ProMow?

Why ProMow?

The desire to have a lawn that would look like a fine manicured golf course and allow time to enjoy family and friends, led to the first ProMow Gang Reel Mower. The inventor, Doug Short, had built a nice home with a large lawn surrounding a pond, hoping to provide a nice residence and recreational area for his family. Doug soon found that this was what he dreamed of, except for the amount of time that it required to maintain this property. Sad to say, he discovered it required most of his off-work time to just cut the lawn.

The desire to save time to enjoy with his family, motivated him to find a way to correct this problem.

Doug came up with the idea of arranging 7 reels in a framing system to pull behind his lawn mower tractor. Ground driven reels were chosen to eliminate the need for gasoline engines to power the reels. He soon found a traction problem as the reels were not heavy enough to keep the wheels from slipping when cutting grass. Unable to find affordable heavy reels, he discovered a way to mount the lighter reels to a frame that would create down pressure to keep the wheels from slipping. Light reels also gave him the ability to utilize his lawn tractor to cut when the lawn was wet.

What started out as a personal need, soon developed into a business that supplied individuals in the area. Neighbors noticed the quality of cut and the reduced mowing time Doug’s gang reel mower provided. They wondered, Where could I buy this new style mower? Doug soon realized from the local demand, others could also benefit from the gang reel mower. As demand increased, a decision was made to take the product to the world. ProMow has supplied mowers to nearly every state in the union and 17 countries. We have found demand for this product with the homeowner, (large or small), athletic fields, and light commercial applications. There is no application too large or too smallfor the ProMow Gang Reel Mower. The ProMow Gang Reel Mower saves time and fuel, and is affordable!

Once again, Doug has proven, all things are possible if you desire it enough to go for it. Many are now enjoying Doug’s dream: more time for things that are most important!

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